Discover Science Christchurch

About us

We have a big ambition for Discover Science Christchurch.  Our ambition is to bring hands-on science and engineering discovery to Christchurch in a new exciting project for the community and visitors.
The development of the site where the old police station and magistrates court stood, at the end of the High Street, provides an exciting opportunity to create a new ‘go to’ location in Christchurch to inspire future generations in science, technology and engineering, and increase footfall in Christchurch town centre.

Why Christchurch?

The history of innovation in the Christchurch area, from mobile phone technology, the Black Box flight recorder, and night-sight optics, to the Bailey Bridge, make Christchurch the perfect location to raise appreciation of the value engineers bring to society.
Our local history is brilliantly encapsulated at the Red House Museum at one end of the High Street balances the proposed new build site across Fountain Roundabout is rich with technology and innovation.


Christchurch Science and Discovery Centre is supported by the developers, by Aster Homes, local scientists/engineers, schools and business people, and we want you to share our excitement and contribute your ideas and energy. Add your thoughts to ours to shape the future. Support us

What will it be?

As well as family fun, education and training, meeting rooms and state of the art exhibits and displays, Christchurch Science and Discovery Centre will become a hub for the community.
  • Think about meetings and events where science and medical researchers come and talk about the latest research, latest treatments and medicines all explained in a way you can understand.
  • Think about a makerspace to learn about 3D printing.
  • Think about an inter-generational repair cafe at Discover Science Christchurch on your High Street.

Discover Science Christchurch


We’ve been talking with the contractors, Aster Homes and the local Council creating a shared vision.
We have created a memorandum of association and are raising funds for a feasibility study while the building works get underway. Join us for a variety of science showcase pop up activities in the local community in the coming months. Next step will be full business planning.